Friday, March 2, 2012

Shame and Pride

Previous writing has a strange effect on the writer.  I've looked at some of the stuff I've written in my teens (thoughts, fictions, etc) and its like looking at someone else's writing. The ideas are different, the prose is different, and usually there are more spelling mistakes. Even "A Mage's Power" (a.k.a. Journey To Chaos book 1) is like this: I've changed scenes that felt wrong to me, perhaps because I know the characters better or the world better or maybe my style as a writer changing. I started Journey To Chaos before I started college and only now am I in the final stages of revision. Of course I've been writing other things since then (most notably the other three books in the series) but still its been a while and its nostalgic and embarrassing to look at the earliest drafts.

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