Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Pen-Ultimate Face of "A Mage's Power"

In an earlier post I announced I was ordering a book cover from Probook Covers .What you see below this line is Version #3.

Two and three were mainly tweaks. This has been the basic form from the start. I was impressed at how Mr.Pennington seized the fundamentals from the start. If I were writing High Fantasy I most likely would have accepted the first version, but as I am writing Low Fantasy, I asked for tweaks.  I like this version because it has the mountain in the background: mountains are a reoccuring image in Journey to Chaos so I wanted to allud to them here.  However, there is an appeal to Version #2.

This one lacks the mountain in the background and the middle color in the 'magic arc' is different. I like this one because it puts the focus entirely on the mage and the title. Neither one is quite perfect because of the middle color. I'd like it to be a golden/golden brown color because that color is a plot point.  I'm split between the two. What do you think? You can vote in the poll to the right.
While you're here, why not check out the free preview?


  1. I'm a big fan of landscapes (and mountains in particular) in artwork. And if they're a recurring image then it fits well with the story. But in truth, both of those covers look like winners.

    1. That's what a friend of mine said yesterday. I feel even better about this cover now.