Monday, August 12, 2013

Inspirational Monday: Reviews Part 2 (Positive)

The first Monday of every month is Inspirational Monday. Share something that inspires you. (I'm a week late this month due to certain issues, anyway!)

This month I'm going to talk about reviews, specifically good reviews.  In a previous post I talked about negative reviews and how important it is to embrace negative reviews. I'm talking about the 'I didn't like this book because of X, Y, and Z' reviews' and not the 'this book is (expletive)' reviews. Those latter reviews are worthless but the former are helpful for fine tuning of one's craft. Useful as they are they are not inspiring. The inspiring reviews are the good ones.

There is one review on my amazon page that tells me not to be discourage by negative reviews and others on this very blog ask when Looming Shadow (the sequel to A Mage's Power) is coming out.These raises my spirits every time I see them for an excited fanbase is what all authors want to see.

There are other reviews that compares my trickster figure, Tasio, to tricksters in other media such as Marvel Comics' Loki and Star Trek's Q. I'm fans of both of those characters so this is high praise indeed. It makes me want to write more.

Finally, there are those who like my setting. I had a number of goals when writing A Mage's Power and greatest among them was to create a Magical Modern world; a world that was similar to 21th century real life but with magic out in the open and integrated into the society. When someone tells me I succeeded, that is a tremendous high for me.

On a related note, I've revised my book reviewer policy.  If you wish for a critical and honest review of your book,  post a comment on the book reviewer page and provide your email. I hope I can provide you with the same inspiration other reviews have given me

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  1. It's great that someone took the time out of their day to tell you not to worry about bad reviews.

    Getting good reviews is what everyone shoots for, but as you said, bad reviews can be a learning experience.