Monday, October 7, 2013

Inspiration Day: Author Independence

From now on I'm going to celebrate Inspirational Monday on the first day of the month (If not on the first then within the first week) because for the last several months I've missed it.  The first Monday could be the 7th and I would either go early or miss it entirely.  Thus, I will call it Inspiration Day.

When I thought about this it reminded me that I control every aspect of my writing. I have been an independent author for almost two years now.  It has been time consuming but I love the degree of freedom that comes with it. This Indie Freedom is my inspiration post for October.

1. Publishing

I have no deadlines but those that I set for myself. If I don't think the book is ready then I don't publish it. This way I can make it the best it can be. Naturally I'm not always correct on when that time comes (see the posts on beta reading and editing etc) but I choose who and how many opinions I seel and what I take away from them.

2. Pricing.

I control how much the book costs.  A publisher would not necessarily have my book's best interests in mind because they want to make a profit. If I want I can schedule days where the book is free and there's also a way to make it free every day in order to move more books at the expense of profit. It depends on my priorities. Since I'm more interested in getting my book into the hands of as many readers as possible, I chose a low cost; 99 cents.

3. Promotions

If I want to schedule a free day for this coming Friday, I can do that on my own initiative. If I want to buy a span of advertisements, then I can because it's my budget. Just the other day I decided to enter a contest (Reader's Favorite) and I'm considering a second (Wise Bear). I don't need anyone's approval because I am the Editor-in-Chief.

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