Tuesday, March 17, 2015

signpost of what is to come-building a universe of stories

Journey to Chaos book 3: Mana Mutation Menace has been sent to beta readers. While they read it I'm working on book 4. Right now it is untitled but I'm leaning toward "Race to Applied Apotheosis". This is where the deepest plot structures that have been underpinning the series thus far will take center stage. After that, there will be on more book in the Journey to Chaos series. It too is untitled. Mana Mutation Menace should be released sometime in the late spring or early summer and, If I'm fortunate, book 4 will be released later this year,

Once Journey to Chaos is complete, I plan to write other books in the world of Tariatla. These will be both prequels that expand on the world's history and sequels that examine the new status quo following the Journey to Chaos. There will be new casts of characters but also many of the same, and taking place in similar locations and referring to events in the main story. Others will be completely separate but still taking place in the same world.

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