Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Free Promotion on a three year old book

I did a free promotion for A Mage's Power last weekend and the results pleased me. This book is approaching the three year old mark and I've heard that as time passes, book receive less attention. This past weekend proved that my first book can still attract a crowd given sufficient help.

I listed the free period at the Independent Author Network (I've been a member there for a while) and I also told my fellows at Clean Indie Readers (likewise). Finally, there were a couple of G+ groups that only list free books which I could finally post in. They were supportive, especially Clean Indie Reads. There was also "EBookDaily Free Kindle Books" which spotted my post and promoted it on its own. That was a nice surprise.

The results are as follows:
Total downloads: 928.
Highest ranks:
1. #238 in overall free
2. #2 in general Fantasy free
3. #8 in Sword and Sorcery.

Other exciting news: I didn't have any KUP (Kindle Unlimited Pages) for Looming Shadow over the weekend. On Monday, I had 902 and a sale. Perhaps new readers? I hope so!

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