Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Journey to Chaos special promotion: FINAL HOURS!


That's the emotion at the center of Journey to Chaos book 3; raw, primal and omnipresent fear.  "Mana Mutation Menace" refers to a global problem in the fictional world of Tariatla. Mana is the foundation of society and a cornerstone of culture, and has been for ages. Its ambient form is harmless but at high concentrations it can turn people into monsters. Fear of these monsters is another age old foundation of society and cornerstone of culture.  My protagonist, Eric Watley, has found himself between these two stones.

Due to a battle with an evil sorcerer, Eric has both experienced mana mutation and recovered from it. Because of this, he has become both the fear and hope of the world. There are those who believe his transformation will lead to tragedy as his new monstrous mindset terrorizes their communities. Conversely, there are those who believe it will lead to hope for current and future victims if it can be replicated.  At the worldwide Mana Mutation Summit, these two camps will clash with Eric at the center.

For this third adventure,  Eric's chief foe is neither a scheming nobleman nor any breed of mage, but the specter of mana mutation and the fear it provokes in the hearts of people everywhere. 

To celebrate the release of the third book in the Journey to Chaos series, I started a promotion this past weekend. Now it is hours from ending. Series-wide deals like this are rare. If fantasy is your thing, be sure to check it out while it lasts.

1. A Mage's Power FREE (until midnight tonight)

A fabulous YA fantasy adventure! Wilkerson masterfully combines threads reminiscent of Manga/ Anime hits Naruto, Fairy Tail, with bits of Bleach tossed in for fun. 
-Sarah E Bradley, reviewer for InD' Tale Magazine

2. Looming Shadow $1.99 (until 10:00 PM tonight)

Looming Shadow picks up in The Trickster's world where A Mage's Power left off. Book 2 in the Journey to Chaos series is fantastical and funny-- consistent with the fantasy genre with vivid imagery, entertaining battle scenes, and the diverse characters from Book 1 that are quickly becoming "beloved" to this reader. The novel, even with a fairly long length, moves at a fast, page-turning pace that will leave you breathless!
-Hercules Editing and Consulting

3. Mana Mutation Menace: $2.99

"Eric Watley is a character I could relate to in a strange sort of way as he figures out who he is, what he can do and what is really important to him. I like his love interest, Kallen Selios, too and watching them figure out who they really are is part of the fun of Mana Mutation Menace. I'm a sucker for medieval type societies and I love science fiction and Brian Wilkerson cooks up an original weird mixture of both here. This world has balance."
-Ray Simmons, reviewer for Reader's Favorite

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