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Sassy Saturday: A typical day for novice mercenaries

Welcome to another week of the Sassy Saturday Blog Hop.  Except, it's technically no longer a blog hop. Jasmine Walts, the founder, decided to discontinue it last month (December 2015) due to lack of participation and her own lack of time to promote it. However, I like the idea of it so I'm going to continue with my own excerpts.

The purpose of the blog hop used to be showcasing excerpts from our novels about kick-butt heroines. Every Saturday is a new post. If you want read more about it, the link is 

 The next morning, Tiza ranted and raved in the Guild lobby. Before anyone asked,she shouted, “There's not a single mention of me in the paper!”

“What do you mean?” Nolien asked.

Tiza thrust it at him as she would a smelly shoe. “It goes on and on about the kidnapping, but nothing about me! I captured Dark Staff!” Basilard coughed. “ . . .With help. Where's my credit!?”

Nolien shrugged. “It can't be helped. The knights were shamed enough to admit that the princess was taken under their watch. This is the only way for them to. . .oww!”

Basilard withdrew his hand. “You sound like a conspiracy theorist. Tiza, the truth of the matter is that your exclusion is part of the compromise that brought you your bonus.”


“Instead of 'Tiza Spiral and Eric Watley captured Dark Staff,’ I offered to amend the event to 'Dragon's Lair security consultants assisted the Royal Guard in their capture of Dark Staff' in exchange for an additional consultant fee.”

The look in Tiza's eyes was nothing short of betrayal. “What!? Why would you. . .oww!”

Basilard withdrew his hand. “My way puts more gold in your pocket and more guild advertising on the internet.” He showed her the screen on his scry. “The hits on our website have skyrocketed since the paper came out.” Tiza grumbled, but said nothing more.

“Mia, what do you have for us today?”

The perky receptionist reached into her desk drawer—Eric didn't think she actually kept anything there—and pulled out a piece of paper. It was not a mission bill, but a tissue. Now that he looked closer, she looked pale and tired. She didn't greet them. She wasn't even smiling. She MUST be sick. She sneezed and crumbled up the tissue.

“Bless you,” Nolien said and Mia ripped the tissue in half, revealing the mission bill.

“Ta-da!” she cried. Nolien stared in surprise, Tiza chuckled, and Eric clapped.

Basilard shook his head in amusement. “Mia, where do you get these ideas?”

“I have a lot of free time,”she said with a shrug. “You know, since I can't go on missions.”

“Why not?” Eric asked. Basilard and Mia stared at him. “Long story?” They nodded.

“The Longhorn item shop needs to be repainted,” Mia said. “The owner will fill you in.”

Tiza continued grumbling the entire way, but by the time she had a brush and bucket in hand, her mood improved. Nolien's steadily soured. It reached a peak when Eric accidentally knocked over a bucket and it fell on the healer's head. No amount of apologizing could make Nolien feel better about being covered in sticky white paint; Tiza's laughter certainly didn't help. He shouted the words of a nasty-sounding spell; when he paused, pushed his fists together at his chest, and took a deep breath. Without looking up from his dirty book, Basilard waved his hand and all the paint rose off Nolien and dropped back into Eric's bucket.

“Thank you, Daylra,” Nolien said.

“Couldn't you have done that to the shop?” Tiza asked.

Basilard turned the page. “I don't think the owner wants a giant paint blob on his front door.”

As calm and poised as an acrobat on a highwire, Nolien insisted on switching places with Eric. Much to Tiza's amusement, he was later pooped on by birds flying overhead. Later still, he “accidentally” knocked a bucket of paint on her head.

By the mid afternoon,Team Four somehow managed to get the item shop looking good as new. Basilard accepted their fee and then the owner did something surprising: he offered the novices a reward from his shop.

“You painted my shop and gave me a show. I feel I've only paid you for the former.”

“We couldn't possibly—”

Tiza elbowed him. “Refuse your generous offer!” To Nolien, she whispered, “What are you doing?! You don't turn down free stuff! It's insane!”

“But it isn't polite.”

“Then don't pick anything. Don't ruin it for the rest of us.”
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