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Sassy Saturday: the Princess meets the Warrior

Welcome to another week of Sassy Saturday at Trickster Eric Novels.  Every week will be an excerpt from one of my novels showcasing a kick-butt heroine. If you want read about the original blog hop the link is here.

The previous Sassy Saturday post, Friendly Strong Arming Into A Job, can be read here.

This week's Sassy Saturday picks up immediately after last week's. This is a special one because it is the first to have heroine co-stars. Both Tiza and Kasile feature here.

The kidnapping made her father paranoid and so he forbade her from leaving the castle. That's why a royal nomad visited the Dragon's Lair. Somehow, he found out about that and now she was forbidden to leave her room. That's why an extra guard stood outside her door.

“All it means is that I have to be more creative.” She pressed her right hand against the floor. “By the royal seal of my right hand, I command thee to open!”

A crest engraved in fire appeared on the back of her right hand. The image of a tiger appeared on the floor beneath it and it grew to a length of ten feet with a line of power encircling it. From the border arose a curtain of light that blinded Eric. When he could see again, Kasile stood in the center of a large red crest. “'If all fails emergency escape system.”

 “Isn't this some kind of national security secret? Am I allowed to see this!?”

Kasile rolled her eyes. “If everyone doesn't at least suspect that we have something like this, then their intelligence division is a waste of budget.” She pulled Eric into the circle. “Come on.”

Once he was within the borders of the crest, Kasile said a command and Eric felt the awful nausea that came with teleportation. It took longer than the last time and the sensation was worse. When they rematerialized, they were standing outside the castle walls under the cover of trees and deep overgrowth. Eric threw up.

“See?” Kasile remarked. “I couldn't risk getting that on my dress.”

 On the way to the Dragon's Lair, she told Eric about the contest, pieces of “friendly, non-cheating” advice, and the prize for the final winner: a full scholarship to the University of Roalt.

Bitterly, she added that anyone who could afford the Royal Academy of Magical Learning would not need a scholarship. Then she monologued about how the contest was merely the vestige of an elitist history and how she was going to change it as soon as she was crowned Queen. Eric didn't mean to, but he tuned it out just like Dengel's monologues. The dead mage, however, listened intently.

The training hall was occupied, but only by Tiza practicing a battle dance. Two months ago, every step was a wobble. Now she truly danced through punches, kicks, and blocks. She struck the finishing move, yelled, and returned to the starting position. She was oblivious until Kasile clapped.

“Hey, Dimwit, you get a new girlfriend already?”

Eric blushed. “NO! Stop that!” Tiza chuckled. “Aren't you supposed to be at work!?”

“It was boring. So I came over for a lunch break.”

“But it's not even eleven o'clock yet.”

“Do I look like I care?” Tiza said, and took a long swig from her water bottle.

In order to avoid a nasty social bomb, Eric tried to start the fire magic lesson right then and there, but Kasile had other ideas. She wanted to see the battle dance again and Tiza proudly showed it off. The dance ended, the girls shook hands, and the bomb went off.

“You're the princess . . . A tent!”

“A tent . . .?”

“Yeah!” Tiza snarled. “I could make a great big tent with your cloth mountains!”

This only confused Kasile further. For her sake, Eric resumed his role as translator. Tent: a dainty and/or weak person, most often wealthy, who never does any sort of work and forces others to cater to them.

Instead of being insulted, Kasile merely smiled and said, “I like your shoes.”

Just like that, Tiza calmed down. “Really?”

“Oh, yes. They look a lot more comfortable than the high-heeled monstrosities I have to wear. They're good for kicking too, am I right?”

Tiza smiled. “Yeah, they are. I tried them on this desert pervert and—” She remembered who she was talking to and her smile inverted. “You're still a tent!”

Kasile smiled understandingly. “I know, dear.”

Tiza turned red. Whether it was from anger or embarrassment, Eric couldn't tell. She muttered something about “not wasting time on a tent” and stomped out of the Training Hall.

“Impressive . . .”

“No, that was practice. Now about those fire spells . . .”


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