Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Journey to Chaos Print Version Process

I've been wavering on the issue of creating print versions for The Journey to Chaos series for some time now. The paper book business looked so much more complicated than the digital book business that I didn't want to get involved. Then I read a thread in a novelist group I frequent that was basically titled "Are paperback books worth it?" The answer was a resounding "yes" with examples of how they can be used beyond "selling from Amazon/one's website" etc.

I started the process a couple weeks ago. It's basically like doing the whole thing over again. There were things I didn't know about that caused delays.
I knew that a different cover was needed  but there are some other image problems that I have to fix before I can move the process forward. Create Space, for instance, requires that all images be 300 DPI. This is supposed to make for optimal printing. The cover illustrator I work with knew about this and so sent me a perfect thing to upload, but the map maker did not (because I did not) so I had to re-commission it.
The manuscript needs to be formatted differently than an ebook so that's a separate file from the editor. This means I have to do the post-proofing check again in addition to any other stuff that might be there but shouldn't, and make sure it looks right. This could take a month or more if I want to continue writing Journey to Chaos book 4.
There's also the Create Space website. I spent an entire Saturday learning how the first part worked and troubleshooting the technical errors that it found in what I uploaded. Hopefully experience will ease the process going forward.  
That’s the current status. I hope to have print versions of A Mage’s Power available soon.


  1. Good luck. I used ebooklaunch to convert my files not too expensive done in two days and I had no errors to fix, my book was uploaded to create space and proofed in a week. Painless :)

    1. I'll look into it. I'd still look for errors because I'm that kind of guy. Thanks.