Saturday, May 26, 2012

Book Cover

I'm ordering a book cover today. Its a big step. While technically speaking I could publish any day by going to amazon or some place I didn't feel ready without a cover. After all, whether its a physical book store or online its the cover that attracts the prospective reader's attention. I felt this more keenly after looking around amazon and this group on facebook 'review seekers' where every book had a cover. Its the professional thing to do.  After I get this cover (and do one more revision) I will feel good about publishing.

I'm using Pro Book Covers who I found over twitter. About a week or so ago I sent out a tweet asking about good artists with the hash tag "Book cover" and they followed me. They didn't contact me, though, which I thought was weird but I guess 'Pro Book Covers is following you' is contact enough. What I like most about this service (other than the guarantee of course) is that the head guy of Pro Book Covers, Travis Pennington, is also writer. Its common ground. It means he understands how important a cover is to a book's sales.

I was actually in the process of filling out the info for the order when it asked if I had a web site address. So I went to my blog here and, noticed my last post was a week ago, and thought 'why don't I blog about this?' I'll tell you how it goes.

And, just in case you missed it, here's a link to the first chapter of the book's preview:


  1. What's the latest with Pro Book Covers? This is a service I might be interested in !!

  2. The latest? I'm not sure. If you are interested you should check them out. They have great customer service.