Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Toonami Is Back!

The most amazing thing happened today: Toonami returns to Adultswim! I know you may think I'm exaggerating but it really is that big a deal to me. I grew up watching Toonami. More than nostalgia it helped make me the man I am today. I am in no way kidding.

 I ran home from the bus stop to watch it after school. I looked forward to watching it on Saturday night. It was a fixed part of my life. When I was punished for a week (I forget why) and couldn't watch TV, all I could think about was "I'm going to miss Toonami!" It especially rankled because that week was the airing of a "Special Toonami Event: Intruder." It was never aired again. When I found it on Youtube I was overjoyed and watched them all at once. Then when Cartoon Network aired that 'April Fool's prank' this year and broadcasted Toonami on Saturday night I stayed up extra hours to watch more of it. The next day I joined the "Toonami Faithful" in their campaign to bring it back. When I saw one of them tweeting it was back I couldn't believe; even looking at the site on adult swim I couldn't believe it. Then I tweeted and shared on Facebook.

Toonami gave me my first experience in Anime (Japenese Animation). I can still remember them: Dragon Ball Z, Ronin Warriors, Card Captor Sakura...some of my favorite shows. I drew (and continue to draw) inspiration from them for my novels and general writing ideas. I will freely admit which influenced which subject (Dragon Ball Z power levels, Ronin Warrior mystic armor, Card Captor Sakura and its magical incantations....) and provided the 'Fuel' to power my writing drive. That 'favorite activity' I mentioned in the post "In The Zone"?  For me that's watching anime.  In fact, my very first work of fiction was for Card Captor Sakura. That eleven chapter fic has led me to a four book novel series. These days I regularly watch new series because Toonami opened that door for me.

Beyond shows to watch and something to look forward to, Toonami also provided life lessons. Not in that lame 'after school special' sense but in clip shows that ran during commerical breaks. "A boy has the right to dream; there are endless possibilities stretched out before him....what awaits him down the path he will then have to choose....." I still feel both joyous and scared when I remember that: the right to choose one's own path in life but to take responsibility for that path. "No one's giving to give you a map; you gotta walk your own path." Than a simple yet profound line. I recited it when I felt unsure; such as the final in a college level math course; "Believe in yourself and create your own destiny: don't fear failure."

I haven't been this excited since I got my new job or my driver's license. It really is that big a deal for me. I hope Toonami will stay on the air for a long time to come.

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