Monday, April 23, 2012


One of most frustrating parts about being a novelist (if not THE most frustrating) is having an outline and knowing exactly what you want to write, only to lack the energy to actually put it to paper. I refer to this as 'lock up'. Avoiding this state lead to the experiments I mentioned in my previous "In the Zone" post with the result being "Oh The Rush" and the chapters in the latest two links. Somehow I forgot to mention food.

Having food handy always seems to help; something to munch while I think and brainstorm. Right now I'm into peanuts because they're tasty, nutritious and don't make a mess. Something to drink too: I like energy drinks (I tried this Neuro Sonic last night and it worked great but Gatorade works too) to get that little 'kick'. I would be munching and drinking and thinking and suddenly DING! It clicks.

Its a mysterious force. Socrates, and many others in his day, thought that rhapsodies went into a trance when they recited plays. 'Divinely inspired' was the term. I read an entire argument in college where Socrates backed one of his friends into admitting he was nothing more than a guy inspired by the gods. I guess that's why I call myself "The Trickster's Scribe". Maybe all that food and drink isn't fuel but instead an offering to my muse.

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