Saturday, April 14, 2012

Oh the Rush!

I love the feeling of creative power! It is invigorating and lifts my mood and makes me feel accomplished. You know those 'my anti-drug is x' commercials? Its like that. I feel hyped up on something that I created myself, with nothing but my own thoughts and drives. Does that make me my own personal anti-drug dealer? I've had Five Hour Energy before and I can get a jolt from that if I'm feeling drowsy but this feels so much better. On TvTropes there's a page called "The Sacred Darkness" which is about 'darkness' in fiction being portrayed as this noble and benevolent force and contrasted it with 'corrupted darkness' which was about evil and nightmares etc. To show what a nerd I (and by extension, pretty much all other tropers are) the page used the example of RPG 'death magic' to illustrate their point. The death magic of 'corrupted darkness' would make the death long and painful while the death magic of 'The Sacred Darkness' would be "peaceful sleep or simply dropping dead" as the page says. Anyway, my point is that the jolt I get from Five Hour Energy would be like the 'corrupted' variety in that it was forced and caused by an outside agent while the jolt I get from writing is the 'sacred' variety in that it spontaneous and caused by the inside. By the way, that was all a stream of consciousness I wrote because I felt the writing rush. That's why it sounds a bit disorganized.

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