Book Reviewer

As of Summer 2012 I became a volunteer book reviewer for Book Tweeting Service. They list my preferences and contact information on their site and authors send their requests to me. I get a free book and they get a free review; everyone wins. This page details my policy for reviews in detail.

What Books I Review
The three main genres are Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction and Historical Non-Fiction (i.e. a school-like textbook). If you send me one of these then there is a good chance that I will accept it. I will never say 'I have too many books' when it comes to this group; I will get to it eventually. It is a first-come-first-served thing. I will not start reading your book immediately after accepting it unless there are no other books in my queue.

What Books I Will Not Review
These are Biographies, general non-fiction, Romance, Mystery/Suspense, and Realistic (non-historical) Fiction. I have nothing against these genres; they simply do not interest me. I've decided to add Dark Fantasy/Dark Science Fiction to this list because too few requestors have demonstrated the ability to do "dark" without "unrelenting angst".  There is one exception to this rule.

The setting must be one of the favored or the premise must be one of the favored. For instance, if you want to have a pair of merchants in Ancient Rome that are involved with a senate scandal, then I might read it if the history/economics takes precedence over the mystery/suspense. For another example, if you want to have a knight and a witch on a quest to find a legendary treasure and they fall in love in the process, I might read it if the romance aspect fits within the quest aspect.

The bottom line is if you make a good enough pitch and it's related to one of my interests then I might say yes. 

My Rating Scale

I rate books by three criteria: Plot, Characters and Polish. All three must be outstanding to receive the highest grade.

I use an A-F scale for all books. A+ means that I consider the book perfect, highly enjoyable, and that improvement is impossible. F means that I consider the book to be terrible in quality, did not like it in the least, and that improvement requires rebuilding it from the ground up. As long as the book is not fundamentally flawed I will not give your book less than a C.

That is what a C means according to my rating scale; there's nothing wrong with this book. This is where my personal enjoyment becomes a major factor. If a book is rated as 'C+' then I enjoyed it but it's not good enough for a B while a 'C-' means I did not enjoy it but it's not bad enough for a D.

For instance, a book that is structurally sound and does not have a cliffhanger will not be graded as less than a C- even if I hate it. Conversely, a book that is structurally sound and does not have a cliffhanger but doesn't excel in any area, will not be graded any higher than a C+ no matter how much I like it.

Problems include:
-Plot Holes
-Idiot balls
-Character Derailment
-Romantic Plot Tumors
- Contrived Coincidences
-Strong As They Need To Be and related tropes
-Cliffhangers at the end of the book

Special note: books with cliffhangers are automatically docked one full letter grade. I explain my reasoning here in  "How to Create Effective cliffhangers".The bottom line is that I don't want to have to read book 2 in order to find out/understand what happens in book 1.

I am nothing if not honest. 

What I Offer in Addition to Reviews

1. Facebook Shout and tweet
Just for sending me a request I'll post your name, your book's name, and the premise to my Wall and tweet them to (as of this post) 934  followers. If your book is on the ' no list' then you are disqualified.

2. Daily tweets
While I read you book I might tweet my impressions of it. Just general thoughts about what I read that day or recently.  It won't be a daily thing, but free tweets are nice, right? 

Increase Your Chances of Success by Avoiding these Red Flags

1. Claiming to be "original" and other self praise

This is number one because it is the biggest turn off. I can't stand it when writers tell me how 'original' they are. One person even told me their work was going to 'redefine the fantasy genre'. No one is 100 percent original. I'm certainly not. I will gladly tell anyone who asks what my many influences are (a few are on the About the Author page above this post) though I won't say what they influenced because that would be spoilers. Anyway, it bothers me because it's a Suspiciously Specific Denial. Why tell me it's 'original' or 'engrossing' or other quality unless you think it's not. The more you praise yourself the less likely I am to read your book. Let the book speak for itself.  This leads into number two.

2. Not providing enough information

First of all,  don't do 'bulk requests'. By this I mean, don't email me a link to your amazon author page or something similar and ask me which book I want to read. I don't want to make that time commitment. Make your pitch for one or several but they have to be individual. They can be in the same email but they all have to be individual requests. The burden of proof, so to speak, is on you. If you email me a link to a list of books, I will delete the email straight out.

You need tell me what's going on for me to be interested in it. I like to know who the protagonist is, what their problem is, and a few things about the setting. I'd also like more details then 'average guy fights evil thing to save the world'. Some have only told me that something is targeting their protagonist but not who or why and very little about the protagonist themselves. Others tell me what their book does, for instance, 'unites the mystical world and the scientific one' but it doesn't say who does the uniting and why. The less you tell me about your book the less likely I am to read it. However, the inverse is not true. The golden mean is a paragraph.

3. Attempting Loophole Abuse with my rules

If you have a novel that is on my 'no list', do not send it to me. I will delete your email without as much as a reply. If you tell me it's not X but Y with an X subplot when that is not the case, I will not read it. I can go to Amazon, GoodReads, and read between the lines.

If you avoid these red flags then I might say 'yes'.

Delivering the Copy

If I say yes, then email a copy of the book to me  (Stinkerbw@Hotmail) and I will add it to my queue. My preference is PDF.

Concerning Amazon, if you want my review to appear as a "verified purchase" then you must gift a copy of the book to me. Contacting me during a free promotion will do just as well. If your book is free on day X, then contact me with your request on or before that day so I can download it. I will never purchase your book in order to review it. Reimbursing me for the purchase would be complicated and I don't do "buy swaps". My goal is to keep money out of this process. 


  1. Hello Brian,

    I found you on Book Tweeting Service. Would you be interested in reviewing my historical novel, "A
    Tainted Dawn?"

    Barbara Peacock

  2. Hi Brian,
    My historical novel 'Song at Dawn' is on Christmas promo, available free in any ebook format until 24th December with the coupon FF49C at I hope you will take the chance to get a copy for yourself and it would be great if you could get the word out on the virtual streets.
    Reviews are of course always appreciated and I would be happy to do a guest blog/interview for you at any time. Details of the book are below.

    'Song at Dawn’ won the Global Ebooks Award 2012 for Best Historical Fiction (medieval). It is available in print from amazon, lulu and bookshops.

    It is is a historical thriller/love story set in Narbonne just after the Second Crusade. Contact me at


  3. Hi Brian,
    I saw your name on Book Tweeting Service too.
    Congratulations on the release of A Mage's Power.
    Would you be interested in reviewing my science fiction fantasy ebook, Exiled: Autumn's Peril? It is book one of an eight book series, The Chronicles of Caleath, being released through Museitup Publishing.
    I can be contacted at ladyrosalieskinner
    (no space). Thanks.. and again, congratulations.

  4. Hello,

    My name is Alena Gouveia and I recently self-published my first novel, The Ambrose Beacon, through Amazon. I am looking for top-rated reviewers like you who would be interested in reviewing my book. I've included a description below for your consideration. If this sounds like something in which you'd be interested, I'd be happy to send you a complimentary copy (e-book or paperback). Thank you in advance for your time.


    Alena Gouveia

    "Strange things have been happening in Evergreen, Colorado. People are disappearing, wolves are prowling the woods for the first time in seventy years, and strangers in black are showing up at the local schools. For the Ambrose family, it’s a sign that their quiet lives are about to be changed forever. The events signal the beginning of a struggle that will either push them closer together as a family, or tear them apart. To survive, each of the children must harness the strange new abilities with which they’ve been gifted and learn to fight as one. For Jeremiah Ambrose, the struggle to protect his children will force him to put aside his animosity for his brother-in-law Harper, and learn to see him in a different light.

    But for Harper, the burden is heaviest. He alone knows the truth about the strange events and what they mean for his family. Something is searching for the Ambrose children. And when it finds them, the fate of the whole world will be decided…"

    1. Sounds like fun. Send me a PDF copy and I'll add it to my queue.

    2. Hi Brian,
      I'm sorry that I missed your response. If you are still interested in reviewing The Ambrose Beacon, please e-mail me the address to which you'd like me to send a pdf copy of the book. Sorry for any confusion or inconvenience I might have caused.

      Alena Gouveia

  5. Hi Brian,

    I also found you through Book Tweeting Services as well and I was wondering if you would be interested in reviewing my book.

    It is called REPLACED and it is about a man named Sam who is shot, left for dead and replaced by an imposter. With the help of his two friends, Sam attempts to reinstate himself into his own life and dispose of the imposter without raising suspicions of the citizens in the city he lives in.

    I can be contacted on twitter @tonyafister

    1. Hi Tonya,

      REPLACED doesn't sound like fantasy, science fiction, or historical. Book Tweeting Service lists these as my preferred genres and so, because yours does not fit in them, I will decline your request.

  6. Hello Brain,

    Would you be interested in reviewing my historical fiction, Sounds of War? It comes in an awesome audio book version too, you can review that also if you like...below are links to youtube samples, FB page, and web address.

    Thomas Ferreolus
    Sounds of War

  7. Hi, Brian!

    My second epic fantasy novel, Sword & Illusion, which I wrote with my husband, was published last July by Astraea Press.

    MOONRAZER was already a famous warrior when she drove the Navin from her homeworld, wrested the Sword of Justice from dragons, and became the first Exalted Warrior of the Sarl in seven generations. But now, as she is approaching her 40th birthday, she faces her most terrifying challenge of all--finding a mate and conceiving a child.

    PRINCE VARIAN of Tellan needs an heir to his throne before the Festival of the Dragon Moon or the Dragons will kill him and his sisters. Twice, he has taken Dragonmarked wives to beget such an heir. His first wife, Violetta, ran away from him and after years of searching, he declared her dead and took another wife. Five months ago, his second wife and child were found dead. Now, Violetta has contacted him on her own deathbed to tell him he had a daughter sixteen years ago.

    When he learns that his lost daughter may be living among the Sarl, and that the Exalted Warrior of the Sarl herself is looking for a mate, he discovers two chances to save his kingdom.

    Together, Moonrazer and Varian must deal with intrigue, treachery, and even an assassin to help each other and save their kingdoms. However, even love may not be strong enough to save either world from destruction.

    I would love to send you a copy if you'd like to review S&I.



  8. I have responded to all review requests up to this point. Because of a misunderstanding I have revised my policy to prevent future misunderstandings.

  9. Hello Brian:

    I found your name via the Book Tweeting Service page, and based on your interest in fantasy and historical fiction, I thought you might be interested in reviewing my novella.

    Sheep's Clothing is a Weird Western that pits a city-educated frontier doctor and a mysterious half-Indian wanderer against a trio of vampires that want to make the small town of Salvation their private larder. It blends setting-relevant mythology and historical details into a concise vampire tale that borrows more from Bram Stoken than Anne Rice.

    If you are interested in reviewing Sheep's Clothing, I will be happy to send you a complimentary paperback copy if you email me at eeinspanier(at)gmail(dot)com with your postal address.

    Elizabeth Einspanier

  10. Hello Elizabeth,

    A vampire hunter in the American wild west hunting classic vampires. I like the sound of that. I'd prefer a kindle or PDF.

    Happy Writing,

    Brian Wilkerson

  11. Hi Brian,
    Thanks for all you do for the indie author community, and congratulations on the success of your fantasy series. I'm wondering if I could entice you to read and review the first book in my Spectras Arise Trilogy, Contract of Defiance. It's fast-paced space opera. Here's a giant blurb about the series and a link to them on Amazon.
    Contract of Defiance, Contract of Betrayal, and Contract of War follow heroine Aly Erikson and her crew of anti-Admin smugglers through an ever-escalating glut of life-and-death adventures and the trials of a living on the side of liberty and freedom—whether they agree with the law or not—in the far future of the Algol star system. As former Corps members, most are no strangers to fighting and dissent, but more than anything, they want to spend their lives flying under the radar without control or interference from the system’s central government, The Political and Capital Administration of the Advanced Worlds. But the Admin's greed-drenched dualism of power and corruption has other plans, and throughout the series, Aly and her crew are reminded of one lesson time and again: when all other options run out, never let go of your gun. [].
    Thanks muchly for your thoughts!

  12. Sounds like fun. Send me a PDF of the first one and I'll add it to my queue.

    You're welcome,

  13. Hello Brian;
    I would greatly appreciate it if you would review my science fiction novel. This is its premise: My 56,970-word book The Healer, is a science fiction novel set in the year 2181. Dr. Reynolds Cully is awarded a Harvard grant to travel to Mars with his family. His assignment is to research the physiology of an ancient race there, now long extinct. All their recorded history lies within the titanic edifice known as The Face on Mars. But while there, authorities discover an eons old Martian time/space travel device. This is apparently how they explored the universe, when dinosaurs still ruled our Earth. But a mystery has always intrigued him: he is granted a National Science Foundation grant to use the ancient device, and travel to Earth in the year 2013, to try and solve the medical mystery known as The Great Alaskan Plague of 2012. Eventually he does reveal the cause. But unbeknownst to him, back in 2181 Mars, a sinister group of religious zealots known as the Creation Purity Brigade, believe unearthing of Martian artifacts and cultural icons is sacrilege and blasphemy to Judeo-Christianity. And they blow up the time/space travel apparatus! Dr. Cully is now stranded in a violent & primitive world – ours; 168 years and 150 million miles from his wife & children. How will he survive? How will he heal using 22nd century technology, without exposing his real identity; and possibly altering the course of history in doing so? It is a crisis of conscience he must grapple with. But he has no choice. For he is – THE HEALER.
    Thank you! Jeffrey G. Roberts -

    1. Sorry, but it doesn't interest me. Maybe someone in my network will be more so.

  14. Brian,
    Hello, my name is James Hunter—I read your book, A Mage’s Power, and really enjoyed it; afterwards, I looked you up through your author profile on Amazon and found out you did reviews. Based on your writing and genre preferences, I thought my debut novel Strange Magic might be right up your alley. I’ve posted a book blurb below. If you would be interested in reviewing this title for your site, please let me know and I will be happy to send out a comp copy as a .Mobi (Kindle) file or an PDF (whatever you’d prefer).

    Book Blurb:
    Yancy Lazarus is having a bad day: there’s a bullet lodged in his butt cheek, his face looks like the site of a demolition derby, and he’s been saran-wrapped to a banquet table. He never should have answered the phone. Stupid bleeding heart—helping others in his circles is a good way to get dead.

    Just ask the gang members ripped to pieces by some kind of demonic nightmare in LA. As a favor to a friend, Yancy agrees to take a little looksee into the massacre and boom, he’s stuck in a turf war between two rival gangs, which both think he’s pinch-hitting for the other side. Oh, and there’s also a secretive jerk with some mean ol’ magical chops and a small army of hyena-faced, body-snatching baddies. It might be time to seriously reconsider some of his life choices.

    Yancy is a bluesman, a rambler, a gambler, but not much more. Sure, he can do a little magic—maybe even more than just a little magic—but he knows enough to keep his head down and stay clear of freaky-deaky hoodoo like this business in LA. Somehow though, he’s been set up to take a real bad fall—the kind of very permanent fall that leaves a guy with a toe tag. Unless, of course, he can find out who is responsible for the gangland murders, make peace in the midst of the gang feud, and take out said magical jerk before he hexes Yancy into an early retirement. Easy right? Stupid. Bleeding. Heart.

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration.
    Best Regards,

    1. Your Occult Detective sounds fun. Send me a PDF and I will add it to my queue.


      I'm glad to hear that you like A Mage's Power. Would you mind telling me in detail, such as in a review?

    2. Sorry, I can't seem to find a contact/email link anywhere. Please email me at Thanks again, and sorry for the hassle.

  15. Great, I'll send over the book, and I'd be happy to write up an Amazon review.

  16. Hey Brian,
    I came across your review of "Sheep's Clothing" on Amazon. I have written a similar book in the Weird Western genre you may be interested in reading. You can check it out @

    If you are interested in reading and reviewing it let me know and I will gladly send you a PDF copy of the book.

    Let me know and thank you for your time,
    -Justin Bienvenue

    1. I'm not a fan of gory and gritty stuff,Blood Moon Rising Magazine speaks of Darkness Induced Apathy, and I'm not sure where the undead come in based on your amazon premise. My answer is "no".

      However, I'll post your request to my wall and tweet about it. Hopefully, someone else will pick it up.

  17. Hi Brian, wondering if you might be interested in reading my fantasy novel, "Aerisia: Land Beyond the Sunset." I've recently released an updated, revised edition and am looking for feedback on it.
    Brief blurb: From Earth to Aerisia, Hannah Winters has unexpectedly gone from college student to prophesied savior of a parallel world. Here in Aerisia, the existence and survival of all depend upon her as Aerisia’s Artan who must battle and defeat the dread Dark Powers. Plenty of people, including the Moonkind, fairies, giants, and even the Simathe, a mysterious race of immortal warriors, are willing to help Hannah navigate this new world and its pitfalls. However, there’s only one person Hannah can count on to truly save her, and that’s herself. In order to save herself, she’ll have to become a woman with magic: the Artan.

    Thanks for your time.
    Sarah Ashwood

    1. Your premise sounds fun but your reviews concern me. Several of them speak of how nothing is resolved in the first book, and how a sexual tension style romance takes over the plot. Both of those are listed as problems in my policy and they would sink your grade considerably.

      Unless I have the wrong impression, I will have to decline to review your story. However, you still get the tweet and facebook post.

  18. Hello Brian,
    My name is T.C. Metivier, and I was wondering if you would be interested in reviewing my science fiction novel Veil of Darkness.

    Blurb: For eight hundred years, the Federation of Worlds has reigned supreme over the galaxy. Under its banner, eleven sentient races have put aside their quarrels to work towards their common prosperity. But now something stirs. A hundred worlds have broken free from the Federation fold. They have made no demands, no threats. There is no evidence that their movement is anything but benign.

    And yet the whispers have already begun. Whispers that the fires of revolution have been stoked. Whispers that war is coming.

    The planet Tellaria is the birthplace of the human race and the backbone of the Federation. Admiral Drogni Ortega leads the finest planetary fighting force the galaxy has ever known. But now he must confront an enemy unlike any he has faced before, a foe who wields ancient power infused with infinite malevolence…and is seemingly determined to exterminate all life from the face of the galaxy.

    Please let me know if you are interested or would like any more information, and I will be happy to help in any way I can.

    Thank you for your time,
    T.C. Metivier

    1. Hello Timothy,

      Your blurb is a little generic. I'd like to know more about the plot, characters, or structure of the story before making my decision. The last two people who reviewed your book certainly enjoyed it but parts of their reviews concern me.

      For instance, "intelligent flow of words" can mean Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness. I once read a book like that for review and it was hard to get through. Also, "the shifts from one character to another" sound like a shared narration which is difficult to pull off. Do you have an Ensemble Cast? Shared narration, in my experience, works better with ensembles than a protagonist and supports.

      They also mentioned a mix of fantasy and science fiction. I'd like to hear more about that. I want to get my expectations straight before I start.

      You're welcome, (and congrats on your first novel!)

      Brian Wilkerson

    2. Brian,

      Thanks for the quick reply! I'll do my best to address your concerns.

      "Sesquipedalian loquaciousness'. Egad, I hope not. I can't vouch for the reviewer, but I hope 'intelligent flow of words' means 'uses vocabulary smartly and appropriately, while keeping a smooth, easy-to-read narrative'. While I do enjoy long words, I understand the difficulty in wading through a book whose author constantly reaches for the thesaurus and believes that a four-syllable word is always superior to a two-syllable one. I suppose I can't guarantee that you won't find it excessively verbose (everyone has their own standards in that regard) but I don't think the book suffers from that particular fault. (If it helps, I can promise that neither 'sesquipedalian' nor 'loquaciousness' make an appearance).

      'Shifts from one character to another'. Yes, this is definitely an ensemble cast. I would say that there are three 'main' characters, with several others in prominent supporting roles. Most of them get at least one scene written from their perspective in narratively appropriate moments. I think I did a pretty good job keeping the plot flowing through multiple perspective shifts, but that could just be authorial hubris.

      As for the genre, I suppose it would be more accurate to say 'science fiction with some fantasy elements'. That is to say: the setting is futuristic across multiple planets; advanced technology plays key roles in the plot; and there are alien races rather than elves, dwarves, goblins, etc. The 'fantasy' stems from the fact that magic is a reality in this universe and also affects the plot. But that's really it; the 'science fiction' definitely predominates.

      I suppose I should also warn you that this is the first book in a series. I mention this because I noticed your disdain for cliffhangers, and the truth is that not all plot lines will be wrapped neatly up at the end of this book. I did not deliberately leave cliffhangers (i.e. the first book does not end with the main characters...well...suspended over a cliff, with imminent danger bearing down upon them from all sides) but it is not a case where the book ends with a nice clean resolution for all involved. I don't know whether that would turn you off from the book, but I'd rather you find out beforehand than afterwards.

      Of course, I know that I cannot totally assuage your reservations. My opinion of my book is naturally colored by the fact that it's mine. If you are interested, there is another (longer, more specific) review posted at onlinebookclub ( that might help tip the balance in my favor (or against it, perhaps; I don't mind). In addition, an excerpt is posted on bookdaily (

      I hope this helps! If you still have any questions or concerns, just let me know and I'll do my best to answer them.

      T.C. Metivier

    3. Timothy,

      I don't consider that a cliffhanger. As long as there is SOME resolution at the end then it is ok by my standards.

      I have made my decision and I will review your book. Send me a PDF and I will add it to my queue.

    4. Brian,

      Thanks so much! What is your e-mail address? (I have searched around your site and cannot find contact information). Alternately, you can contact me directly at


    5. I thought it was visible to everyone but apparently only I see that part of the blog. I've added it to the end of the review policy and I will send you an email as well.

  19. Macaulay ChristianNovember 8, 2015 at 7:55 PM


    If the provided blurb peaks your interest, I hope that you will consider reviewing my science fiction novel, "Holindrian: Or, A Journey For All Time".

    Blurb: For millennia, life on humanity's new home of Eridu, has proceeded absent any major upheaval or strike since falling under the rule of a race of immortal beings professing themselves to be gods...the Baltutu. The common man knows, from birth, that his place in the community is assured. There is no crime, no poverty, and no pestilence.
    Soon, there will be no more war.
    Humans want for nothing. In exchange for this high degree of safety, order, and security, the humans of Eridu have had to sacrifice art, expression, and the very concept of self-determination.
    But, when Maramurru, one of the Baltutu, casts doubt as to the divinity of his race, he sows the seeds of freedom in the spirit of mankind, and its growth is too rapid to halt.
    One final war will decided the future of man for all coming time.
    Will the fate of humanity be determined by those asserting themselves as gods, or will man rise to seize his own destiny?

    If you are interested or have any questions/concerns, I would be more than happy to address them.

    Thank you for your time, I greatly appreciate it.


    1. I like the sound of this. It has a strong vibe of Sci-Fi Order vs Chaos. Please send a PDF to and I'll add it to my queue.

  20. "My Year With The Gods" - by Holden Braithwaite

    An intense, character-driven study of the absurd where humorous overtones mask a deeply subversive, perverse undercurrent in this ancient world adventure story like no other.

    An 11-year old idiot boy (savant fou) has been orphaned twice. First when his parents died. Then the old Greek scholar who took him in and educated him died. Leaving him to fend for himself with a very challenging legacy: a collection of pornography from across the ancient world which even a pope would envy, and the degenerate sultan desperately wants translated. And the original, ‘secret’ unabridged Epectesy of St. Gregory of Nyssa. The soul’s moving into the oneness of God - the socially explosive key to the eternal cerebral orgasm. Handed down from Gregory’s scribe for generations until it ended up with Aristophanes, who being without issue left it in the care of an idiot gypsy boy who remembers everything except his own name.

    This book is the first part of the idiot boy’s ‘diary’, about the extraordinary adventure he has with ‘the gods’, following Demetrius (Hermes), Andromeda and Scheherazade in search of Lesbia. And how they are responsible for igniting regime change and the emancipation of women in Eudaemon (Aden) in 534CE in their bid to free her.

    Rabbi Esra leant closer to her. There was garlic on his breath.
    “I tell the Greek as he’s nearing death’s door, the idiot boy is touched by God, you know this, my friend. But there’s a limit to what even his young genius mind can handle.”
    The rabbi looked at her glumly.
    “He didn’t listen to me. And here’s the result.”
    “What? Short hair and naked breasts.”
    “No, mistress. Even the stained whites I can live with,” he said, with dread in his voice. “The idiot boy has revealed the true Epectesy of St. Gregory of Nyssa.”
    “Is there a false one?”
    “No, my gracious hostess. There’s one anybody can read if they care to look for it. Which even Jewish scholars have studied. And the one only Aristophanes had. The original, full and unabridged version of the epectesy, mistress. The Singleness of Being. Of the soul moving into the oneness of God. As Gregory dictated to his personal scribe all those years ago. A revelation which transcends all faiths. ”
    “The key to the eternal cerebral orgasm,” Talia said quietly.
    “Correct. But at the time publishing it would be so inflammatory and dangerous to the continued functioning of ‘normal’ society, the scribe persuaded his master to only release a heavily edited version, lest they both be burned alive by the ruler of Cappadocia.”
    “They weren’t?”
    “No. And as my friend told me with almost his dying breath, the original was hidden away by the scribe, and passed down from father to son, scholars all, until it ended up here with Aristophanes. Who being without issue, could only leave it in the care of an idiot gypsy boy who remembers everything except his own name.”
    The rabbi waved at her open shirt.
    “The result of that is in my face,” he said. “And the town’s full of women who won’t take ‘No’ for an answer.”

    Free on Kindle Unlimited Two 5-star reviews.

    I don't trade reviews. They're meaningless.
    Yours will be most welcome.
    Happy to send you a pdf file of the 385-page ebook if you will kindly take the time to review it.
    rayxt AT

    1. The self-praise right at the start is a turn off. The plot itself is just interesting enough to make my decision difficult. In the end I will say "no" to reviewing but I will still spread the word about your book.

  21. Hi Brian,

    My name is Jeff Pryor. 'Chosen of Trees and of Talons' is my both my debut novel, and the first in the Eagles of Eldara, a dark, epic fantasy series. It was published by Journalstone in November.

    While this is a series, this first book tells a story itself. If I succeeded, the reader is left both satisfied, and wanting more.

    This is a complex tale with a huge character cast. There are many point of view characters, but the two primary protagonists are Daeron and Jonni.

    Daeron is Arneisian. His people controlled much of Torlan at one time, but were overthrown just over four hundred years before this story begins. The Arneisians have been kept imprisoned in the valley of Tael'Raon by a mysterious group of sorcerers known only as the Ones.

    Each year, the Ones come and examine the boys who have reached the age of fourteen. Sometimes, they take some of these boys with them when they leave, these are the Chosen. Nobody knows why, and none of the boys have ever returned. The story begins on the morning Daeron is to be examined.

    Jonni isn't Arneisian. He lives with his family in the Eldara Forest. Eldara Trees are not only sentient, they have magical abilities. Jonni's family is the first family to ever be accepted and allowed to live within the forest.

    Jonni and his sister are hunted by dark creatures. They're protected by their father, Dack, and the forest, but the creatures keep coming.

    Elsewhere, a husband and wife serve their king while struggling to reunite. He leads the king's armies, while she hunts for spies within the kingdom. She's forced to flee south, where her wealthy uncle fights a deadly trade war with powerful guilds. His son takes this war to new levels in ways his father would never approve.

    The stories began to connect in this first book. The second book continues the tale, and is with my proofreaders now.

    I'd love to send you a copy to read!

    1. Any one of those sounds like a great story but the fact that they are all sharing a book is a red flag to me. Multiple viewpoints that aren't part of a single group just isn't my thing. I'm going to have to pass.
      However, because it is in my favored genre, I'll give you some free promotion. If you reply with something concise, then I will post on Twitter, Facebook and Google+

  22. Hello Brian. I read your review of fellow author Armen Pogharian's novel COUNTERFEIT COUNT. Very informative and thoughtful. Which prompted me to query you regarding my novel SHANNON'S REVENGE (historical fiction).

    Set in Missouri 1876, protagonist SHANNON RICHARDS is happily settling into life with her second husband LUKE. When Luke discovers Antagonist GEORGE ARMSTRONG CUSTER intends to obliterate the Sioux, Luke bids Shannon a tearful farewell and sets out to repay an old debt by assisting the Sioux at the Battle of Little Bighorn.

    Soon after, Shannon receives word two infantry soldiers, following Custer's command to roundup deserters, have come upon Luke and hanged him. In response, she hitches up her horse and two Colt peacemakers with plans to avenge her husband's death.

    The story is told not only from Shannon's POV but also that of Red Cloud and Colonel Custer. I am happy to provide a paperback copy in exchange for your honest impression.

  23. Hi Dave,

    My name is Alison Lyke and I found your bio on the “Tweet Your Books” website. I'm hoping you'll consider reviewing my upcoming Science Fiction/Cyberpunk novel, "Forever People" (67,000 words). It's due to come out in March 2019, published by Black Rose Writing. I will provide you with an early review copy (epub or .pdf). Here's a quick description:

    Welcome to Zeta City, where the whole world goes to die. Here, the Node System uploads the minds of the dying so they can spend eternity in a digital Promised Land. But, this cyber heaven is causing hell on earth for the living because the System forces them to earn Points to buy data in the afterlife.

    Camille is a salty mercenary out to hoard as many Points as possible by exploiting the dying with illegal technology. She's on the hunt for Toy, a rebel leader who uploaded lethal technology to her own brain in an attempt to wipe out everyone’s Node Points.

    Camille goes to increasingly dangerous lengths in pursuit of Toy. She soon finds that the Node is full of warm reunions with loved ones and otherworldly creations. It’s also full of lies.

    I'd love to hear from you soon!

    - Alison

  24. Hello Brian,

    I'm an independent writer and I have just published my second book (first with this pen name). Looking for different ways to promote my work, I discovered you at

    I’d like to present "The Shadow of the Wizard," a narrative set in a medieval world, full of magic, philosophical questions, and Rock'n'roll references, as you can see in the brief synopsis (back cover blurb, actually) below:
    "KhalamĂ´rdo, the magnificent, has set his plan in motion long ago. In his search for answers to fundamental questions, the mysterious mage is bound to change the fate of his whole world forever. Now, only one thing stands between him and his dream. He must build a gigantic stone tower that will raise him to the heavens.
    In a brilliant tale of hardship and endurance, the saga of the wizards' slaves unveils. Inspired by the song 'Stargazer', from the legendary band 'Rainbow', the story is packed with the symbology of Rock'n'Roll culture.
    Embark on this journey, which will both instigate profound reflections about the true meaning of freedom, and engage you through mystery and compelling arguments."

    I'm offering you a e-book copy or send as a gift in Kindle Store, if you prefer. There is not a specific time-frame. So, you can read in your time.
    If you agree to read and evaluate my work, it will be an honor for me.

    Thank you very much!

    P.S: Links:


    ACR at Booksprout:

    US -

    UK -

    1. Hello Georgius,

      Your story sounds intriguing but vague. I don't understand what it is KhalamĂ´rdo the magnificent is trying to do. Would you please provide a little more detail, like what fundamental questions he is trying to answer or what building the tower is meant to accomplish? If you would prefer to keep those details private, you can send me a direct message on Facebook or Twitter, or just an email to

    2. Hi Brian!

      I believe it is not a good idea to answer your questions here, as these are great spoilers of the plot. I will provide more information in your email.

      Thank you!

  25. Hey Brian.

    I'm contacting you on behalf of my client, Dr Wesley Britton, who is blind but an established published author.

    I'm hoping his science fiction novel, The Blind Alien would interest you.
    Told with one of the most original styles you'll ever experience, The Blind Alien begins when Dr. Malcolm Renbourn, a young history teacher, walks into an ordinary bank on an ordinary day. Suddenly, he feels excruciating pain.
    Unexpectedly, he loses his sight and discovers he has been drawn against his will across the multi-verse to a slave-holding country on a parallel earth.
    He doesn't understand a single word he hears, but he soon learns Betan scientists hope his body carries the cure to an ancient plague that kills 3 out of 4 male babies their first year.

    Branded state property, he must escape, but where can a blind man in a strange world dominated by desperate scientists run? And on a world where polygamy is the norm, how can a fugitive alien adapt into becoming the husband of five independent wives who never expected to be the mothers of a generation a planet hopes carry the genes that will change everything? How can Tribe Renbourn survive the aftermath of a catastrophic explosion that kills thousands?

    And that's just part of the story.

    I hope this has caught your intertest. PDF is ready to go.

    Thanks so much for your time.

    1. Hey Karina,
      It does sound interesting, but not quite enough for me to want to read it.
      Also, being told a story is "original" in some way is a general turn off for me, and one of the Amazon reviews said this story uses a rotating viewpoint style, which I prefer not to read (just a personal preference).
      I shared this request on Facebook and Twitter. Maybe one of my contacts will be more interested.

  26. Hey Brian,

    I’m reaching out to offer you a copy of Haven, my Adult Fantasy novel publishing under my pseudonym, Ceril N Domace in April.

    Haven is a 101k Fantasy with viral transformations, non-traditional fae creatures who were human once, and a hidden mountain city. The story revolves around a father struggling to keep his family together and safe when they have to flee their home to escape anti-fae extremists after his wife is killed while turning into a gryphon. There are content warnings for character death, violence, and racism against non-humans.

    Here's the full blurb:

    Most people think the fae are gone. Most people are wrong.

    Owen Williams wakes after a horrific car accident to find his wife is dead—and somehow turned into a gryphon—and his kids gone after a home invasion turned horribly wrong. Shattered and reeling, he vows to do whatever it takes to find them.

    When a fae scout appears and promises to reunite him with his kids, he doesn’t hesitate before joining her. But she warns him that if he wants to protect his family, he must follow the fae to their city, the hidden haven of Tearmann.

    With enemies on the horizon, Owen needs to set aside his fears and take up arms to defend their new home alongside the people he’s always been taught were monsters—or he’ll lose everyone he’s trying to protect.

    Thank you for your consideration, and for all the time you've put into your past reviews.



  27. Hello,

    Sorry for the late reply. It was hard for me to come to a decision about your book. I think it's because I'm confused about the premise. Then it fell off my radar. Do you mind answering a couple questions for me?
    1. Did Owen Williams's wife die and then turn into a gryphon that is already dead? That what I read from the blurb, but your first paragraph says something else.
    2. Why is the car accident mentioned? Was Own in a coma or something while the gryphon-turning, home-invasion and children disappearing thing happened?
    3. What enemies? I don't know what kinds of enemies, and whose enemies, are involved.
    4. Does the third paragraph happen after a lot of stuff happens, such as Owen reaching Tearmann and finding his children? Does that mean it is more Act 2 or 3 stuff? Or is the journey to Tearmann really short?

    I'd like to consider your book for review but I'm just not there yet.

    1. My apologies for the also delayed response as your answer got caught in the webs of the vicious spam filter.

      1. She turned into a gryphon and died!
      2. Both those events happened near simultaneously and he was recovering.
      3. Anti-fae forces, dedicated to bringing down and destroying the fae wherever they are found.
      4. The fourth paragraph happens along the later acts but the roots are laid in the first act.

      At this point, I can also provide a physical copy at no cost to you or an ebook copy if you're interested.