Thursday, October 20, 2011

Opening post, what I'm about

Hello BlogSpot! I'm Brian Wilkerson and I'm an aspiring novelist. As of this post I've written two and two halves of a four part series I'm calling "Journey To Chaos".  'two halves' because as I was writing the third (and at the time, final) part of the series, it split on me. Now I'm writing book three of four instead of book three of three. A preview of the first book, "A Mage's Power" is available for free on fictionpress.

The star of this show is Eric Wately. The first book starts off with him as a loser and Tasio the Trickster molding him into a hero. The first step is to send him to another world where magic and  monsters are as common as homework and hotdogs.

The idea was to take a general hero, subtract confidence, and make him into a hero.  With such an abstract plot, it was interesting to see the nuts and bolts events take shape. The final arc of book 1 went through three forms by the time I wrote it. Its still happening three-four books in. Now I'm at a place I couldn't imagine when I started. I see this as a good thing; if I don't know what's going to happen, how could a reader?