Sunday, March 11, 2012

I am The Trickster's Scribe

Once I become a professional writer I'll put 'Author' on my resume, but I when I actually write I don't feel like one. I feel more like a scribe. I feel like someone else is telling me the story and I'm just writing it down. Sometimes they don't mention stuff the first time and that's what revisions are for, or they'll tell me just what to write but not why I should write that. Its confusing, especially when I already have an outline. Then, sometime down the road, I discover the reason and I'm like 'wow. I had no idea that was going to happen'. There is one instance in particular that I felt more intensely than any other but I can't mention it because it would a series wide spoiler. I'll just say that writing seems to flow better when I'm not trying to force a certain story. I can insist on certain plot points but the process is smoother when I'm the accomodating one.

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