Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Aboard the Absolution

The first monday of the month is inpirational monday. I blog about stuff that inspires me.  (Yeah, I'm two days late for this month. Stuff happened).

This guy is T.O.M. 3.0 and he's the host of the animation block Toonami.  It aired from 1997-2008 every day after school and then Saturday only. Then, as I mentioned in a previous post it was revived at the end of last May and is again on Satuday nights. The "Toonami Faithful" gather then for a Toonami Twitter Party.  Thinking about him makes me want to start revising right now.

Toonami introduced me to anime and it has fed my imagination ever since. Those shows provided me with the inspiration to start fanfiction.  Which grew into an original novel that I plan to publish next month. I pretty much spent my childhood on his space ship, The Absolution, gorging myself on everything from action to comedy to romance.

However, the real reason T.O.M. continues to inspire me is that he's more than a host for a programing block. He's a character himself. He talked to the audience about the shows he broadcasted and rated games he'd played. Clip shows made from the shows would play during commercials. They weren't advertisements; they were philosophical and encouraging. I remember one such line, 'Believe in yourself and create your own destiny. Don't fear failure'. Then the screen panned out to reveal T.O.M. at a computer and looking silently at the viewer.

Because of him I'm a novelist today.


  1. Congratulations on the novel, that's quite an accomplishment.

    I haven't watched much TV in years, I gave Netflix a try for a month and I got sucked into Weeds on Showtime (and I remembered why I quit watching TV). It really cut down my productivity. But watching it from a writer's perspective, I think I learned quite a bit about character development. It inspired me to rethink about my characters. Especially how they interact. Good shows do that. I heard Breaking Bad is even better, but I'm afraid to get sucked in again.

    1. Breaking Bad is AWESOME. You will get sucked in if you start watching it.

    2. Thanks!

      I have the opposite problem. I rarely have time to watch what I'd like because I spend so much time on social media or writing or something else. Which makes Saturday night Toonami all the more special.

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  3. Congrats on the novel.

    It's funny the kind of things that inspire you to start writing. I think a lot of people see a movie or watch a Tv show and think "I can do better than that." Then they sit down and start writing.