Saturday, February 21, 2015

Answering Review Request: Spirit Tales One - The Wheelwork

Rabbi Joseph asked me to review his book "Spirit Tales One: The Wheelwork". It's a girl with life problems having a divine experience which empowers her to overcome the problems. I will examine Plot, Characters and Polish and then assign a grade.


There's a frame narrative of a grandmother telling "Spirit Tales" to her grandchildren. She makes a distinction between this and a "fairy tale" and it is of great importance to the author. The way I see it, a "spirit tale" is about God Almighty and a "fairy tale" is about lesser supernatural creatures. Both of them are about moral instruction. What follows is basically a Jewish vision quest.

There's a neat itemization of teenage earthly problems: hanging out doing nothing, peer pressure, bullying, boy chasing, lack of interest in school, feeling empty and out of place, both parental neglect and also pressure into a given career path.

The supernatural experience that takes place in the meat of this story is well handled. It has the majesty and otherwordliness one would expect of such a realm. The advice is practical; not at all Space Whale Aesopish. It sounds like something someone could do in real life.

Ending is good. There's a conclusion of conflict with some food for thought.


This spirit tale, like it's fairy tale cousins, is a morality tale. Thus, you shouldn't expect the most diverse of characters. The protagonist is an Audience Surrogate and the bullies are cardboard cutouts but all three of them serve their purpose. The same can be said of The Protagonist's Angel Guide "Understanding". He serves as The Protagonist's guide to new understanding about herself and life.


No spelling or grammar errors.

The hymns and verse and such are in three scripts, which is kinda cool.

Trickster Eric Novels gives "Spirit Tales the Wheelwork" a B

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