Saturday, June 20, 2015

New Release: "Memoirs of a Girl Who Loves God"

This author I met at Clean Indie Reads released a new book the other day so I'm helping to spread the word. Her author name is C.L. Wells and her book's name is "Memoirs of a Girl Who Loves God".  The rest of this post is from the Press page of her own blog.
Synopsis Back Cover Blurb
Fourteen-year-old Krystal finds herself flailing when her parents separate. Unable to cope, she begins cutting. No one knows.
At her new school, she makes one single friend, Em, who invites her to volunteer at the local homeless shelter. There, Krystal discovers fellow misfits, including Brandon, a boy from her school. How can Krystal start a new life when the scars of her old one will never fully heal?

What readers are saying about “Memoirs of a Girl Who Loves God”
“This is a heartwarming story that was written from the heart. It brought real meaning to me––of some things in life––that never made sense before. It made me smile, and also brought tears to my eyes. This is a must read. I wasn’t able to put it down once I started.”
“A compelling story that will have readers touched and unable to put it down. I’ve read it more than once and each and every time it brings tears to my eyes.”
“WOW!  It is not an easy book to read, but it is a powerful book. Heartbreaking, heartwarming, challenging and uplifting.”

You may purchase at Amazon via this link.


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