Monday, August 24, 2015

Journey to Chaos Mana Mutation Menace Update

Yesterday, I made moderate changes to the climax to make sure it made sense; filled in plot holes, scratched headscratchers, and turned off the fridge logic.  Today I'll review those changes. Tomorrow, I'll revise the epilogue. This means that I could send the book out for proof reading as soon as Wednesday.
It is 18 chapters and (according to Microsoft Word) 337 pages long, including front and back matter. I'm including the preview of book 4 (name TBD) in the first edition of this book because adding it later was a hassle.
The professional will take about a month. This will also be the time that I get a cover image (it's a package deal and there's more besides!). At this rate, it will be in the final pre-publishing stages in late September. I will make final adjustments and put it on pre-order for a couple weeks while I arrange advertisement and get advanced reviews in order. Thus, the launch date will be around mid October.

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