Thursday, March 22, 2018

Read for Fun: Magic, Magic Everywhere

"Magic, Magic Everywhere" is basically the novelization of the movie "Magic Movie Night".

It is a quick read. There is a large font so the pages go by quickly. In fact, I went through fifty of them without realizing it. Even though I had watched the animated counterpart, I had difficulty putting this one down at my first sitting. I wanted to see the differences because I heard there a couple big ones. This is my impression.

This counterpart is simplified. Books, including novelizations, typically provide more information about the story; a wider scope. This one is smaller. This goes from background details to a significant part of Dance Magic being omitted (namely, the Crystal Prep student conflict/team up storyline). It's disappointing and one would think it would make a great friendship lesson for Starlight to witness, but understandable (see below).

This counterpart is Integrated. Instead of three loosely connected storylines, this one cohesive whole. The Crystal Prep omission was probably for streamlining the narrative and making this happen. Starlight Glimmer, for instance, is present for the whole story instead of the final third and spends the middle arc tracking leaks of Equestrian Magic on Sunset Shimmer's behalf. This is something I like. Starlight vs Juniper Montage is also something I like because it shows more cunning on her part (the "flip kick" from the animated version attracted flack).

Trickster Eric Novels gives "Magic, Magic, Everywhere" a B+

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