Monday, September 3, 2012

Magic Music

The first Monday of each month is Inspirational Monday. Share something that inspires you.

"There will be times, on this journey, all you'll see is darkness......But out there somewhere, daylight finds you....if you keep believing in." -Phil Collins, "Look Through My Eyes

Music has power. To me it is the power to inspire. I listen to songs when I need a jolt or fresh inspiration. I have a file of songs arranged by story idea that I refer to when necessary. Some of them are about hope and determination, like the one quoted above. Others are high energy and either light-hearted or intense. Still others are somber. All of them have different ideas and themes and messages that mesh into creative power. I recommend all writers create a playlist for this purpose.

This month's post is part of the "Inspiration" series and is closely related to last month's "Aboard The Absolution" post. Many of those songs relate back to the shows I used to watch and still watch.

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