Monday, October 1, 2012

Inspirational Monday: Useful Problems

The first monday of each month is Inspiritational Monday. Share something that inspires you and the rest of us will read and comment and be inspired.

"A problem is a misunderstood opportunity"

-Dr. Dracken from "Kim Possible"

The above quote is from a Harmless Villain in Disney's Cartoon "Kim Possible." It was spoken in regards to his Evil Plan of the episode but I took it to heart. If one can take a problem and invert it into an opportunity then not only is your problem solved but you're better off. It's a 'glass is half full' kind of thing and I like to keep that stuff in mind. I realized its truth on a personal level last month with my own writing.

I had just put together the book form of my first manuscript, "A Mage's Power" and sent it out to other fantasy authors to review. Then one of them replied back asking if I was finished. I said 'yes' and they ( in more polite and less blunt way) said I wasn't. There were errors in the first chapter; lots of them. I couldn't believe it so I checked myself. It was true and I was crushed. I had done so many revisions already that I was sure I got them all. I knew how long another in-depth revision would take when I wanted to focus on the first draft writing of different. Instead I buckled down and started at the top: Chapter 1. I'm glad I did.

Not only did I fix the errors but I found other improvements. A reference here and a better phrasing there; little things that work together to create the Full Picture. The errors improved my novel because they forced me to re-read it after spending two weeks away from it. Fresh eyes saw new things and the book is better for it.

Instead of 'mindless spell checking' revisions should be approached as 'creative polishing'. This makes it more fun and puts the focus on improving the work instead of just dotting 'i's.


  1. The dreaded missed errors.

    Every time I look at my WIP I see something else wrong with it, and I know that there is always something I'm not seeing. That's why it's a good idea to have someone else read it through. They aren't as blind as I am to my own mistakes.

  2. I'm reminded of a quote from Mark Twain: "A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way."

    Experience is the best teacher. Thanks for continuing Inspirational Mondays! Best of luck with the polishing.