Saturday, October 6, 2012

My first blog tour

Today I signed on to do my first blog tour. To be strictly accurate, it is Dan Wright's blog tour and I am one of his stops but it is still my first time being part of one. It's for his fantasy novel, "Trapped On Draconica" that I reviewed a month or so ago. Other bloggers are doing character interviews and others are talking about the influence of Greek myth on the story. Right now I'm thinking about what I should do.

My first thought was to talk about the geography of Draconica; Daniar's group travels through many interesting locales to resist Emperor Gothon. There's a swamp, for instance, whose gas can make one hallucinate a pleasing sight that gets Ben in trouble, and a mountain where one can hear voices from the other end of the planet. It is critical that authors create a fully realized landscape so characters do not move around in voids. I think it will be fun.

The tour beings on November 19 and continues through the 25. My spot is the 24th.  I'll have plenty of time to decide if this what I want to do and create questions for it. You're probably more interested in the prizes, am I right?

There will be one free limited edition Trapped On Draconica ebook per blog. The BIG prize is the following:

1 X Signed copy of Trapped on Draconica
1X One page mini-comic extra
1X Trapped on Draconica T-Shirt
1X Signed piece of artwork by Alexis M Centeno herself.
1X Artwork book showing character sketches and an interview with the artist.
1X Scrapbook containing teaser artwork/character profiles for the sequel novel Legacy of the Dragonkin.

Remember, the tour goes from November 19-25.

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