Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Inspirational (belated) Monday: Fantasy

The first Monday of every month is Inspirational Monday. Share something that inspires you.  This week I'll share my favorite genre: Fantasy

It was a fantasy quartet that inspired me to become a novelist myself: "Protector of the Small" by Tamora Pirece. It had mages and dragons and gods and monsters of her own design. After reading it and others I decided to start my own series.

I've tried writing other genres, including realistic fiction, but they always mutated into fantasy. For instance, A Mage's Power was originally supposed to be a stand-alone comedy and Tasio was to be the only fantasy element. When I wrote the first chapter that idea shriveled up and was replaced with a four book action-adventure series where Eric studied magic.

Reading or writing it's my favorite genre.

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  1. I have trouble with realistic fiction too. I have a problem with people dying horribly in a lot of stuff that I write. All that Stephen King I read during my formative years probably didn't help.