Saturday, February 27, 2016

Sassy Saturday: Sand Stinger Duel

In today's post, Tiza has a formal duel with Tej, who is a warrior from the desert nation of Kyraa. The judge is a giant sapient snake. That'ssssss why he ssspeakssss like thisssss.
The platform was stone and climbed one foot off the ground. On top was two feet by two feet of sand. Somehow, it stayed compacted; Eric suspected nomad air magic. Tiza stomped her way up and stumbled on her hem with each step. If she has trouble walking, how's she going to fight?

“Non-warrior Tisssa Sssprial, have you challenged Warrior Tej Dwssssor?”


“Warrior Tej Dwssssor, have you accepted?”


“Thisss isss now an official duel and I, Elder Akag, will pressside. The combatantsss will now announssse their prizzzesss.”

Tej flashed Tiza a smile. “A kiss from my opponent.”

She glared. “Honorary Warrior Status.”

“Combanantsssss, are you ready?” Tiza drew her sword and held it before her with both hands. Tej drew both scimitar and crossed them. “The duel sshhhall now commensssse. It will not end until one of you hassss been knocked from the ring, issss unable to continue fighting, or givesss up. Begin!”

Tiza rushed and fell flat on her face. The sand did little to muffle her eloquent opinions of long skirts. She pushed herself up and took another ready stance. Eric face-palmed, Nolien sighed, and Tej's smirk became smugger. The same thought ran through the minds of all three: This won't take long.

Tej made the first official move, slicing toward her hands with his left. She backed up a step and blocked, then ducked as his right slashed at her head. From her crouch, she swung at Tej's legs. He caught her sword between both of his and hooked it. With an upward pull, Tiza's sword flew out of her hands and out of the ring.  

Being disarmed wasn't going to stop Tiza; it wouldn't even slow her down. She stepped to the outside of Tej's next strike and grabbed his arm. She pulled downward while simultaneously hooking his leg. Tej rolled with the sweep and grabbed her arm as he went down.

It was over as far as Eric could see. Tej was hovering over Tiza and pinning both her hands above her head with one of his own. Tiza twisted and squirmed, but couldn't break free of his grasp. She tried kicking but, by the way Tej had positioned himself, her legs couldn't reach him. When all her efforts failed, she lay limp in the sand and turned her head away.

He used his free hand to grab her chin and make her face him again. “Well, my lovely scorpion, it appears I have won.” He leaned in. “I'll take my kiss now, if you please.”

Tiza spat a mouthful of sand into his eyes. Tej screamed in pain and his hand flew to his eyes. Tiza slipped out of his grip, pushed herself out, and stomped on his back. Sand rushed up his nose, mouth, and ears. The next thing he felt was warm steel crisscrossing at his neck.

“You were saying?” Tiza taunted.

The duel flashed in Eric's eyes: the fall, the cursing . . . She planned it!


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