Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Answering Review Request: 79 Wearable Robotics Companies & University Programs Around the World:

Marcus Pyles asked me to read his book with the argument "science fiction becoming reality". It sounded intriguing and the book itself was short so I decided to give it a shot.

What Mr.Pyles is offering here is more like a pamphlet than a book. It is even shorter than the page count would lead one to believe. Each page has two small text boxes; one for each company. In each box is the company's name, what they do in 1-3 sentences, their location and their website address. There's a preamble at the start and then a "further reading" thing at the end. I read the whole thing in 14 minutes. It's worthy of three stars but I gave it a fourth because there are occasionally humorous comments mixed in.

There's interesting stuff going in "wearable robotics". It ranges from prosthetics for limbs that Mr.Pyles writes is advanced enough to dance with, to augmentation for workers and soldiers that increase strength and decrease fatigue, and also devices for Virtual Reality.

This is a niche product. I found it interesting but I don't see myself buying something like this. However, if I were involved with this industry in some fashion (a student doing research, looking for a job, putting together a presentation for a job I had etc.) then I'm sure I would find 99 cents a good investment.

I have no idea how to score this. Trickster Eric Novels gives "79 Wearable Robotics Companies & University Programs Around the World" a ?

This has been a free review request. I received in exchange for it but a free copy of the review.

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