Sunday, April 17, 2016

Writing Update - Why there's no Sassy Saturday this week

Hello everyone,

There was no Sassy Saturday excerpt yesterday because I spend the whole day revising Journey to Chaos book 4 chapter 15. I am speaking literally; from about 11:30 AM to about 12:30 PM I did nothing other than revise this chapter with a couple exceptions (heat up dinner, drive my Mom somewhere, and watch two clips from Star Wars Rebels). I basically rewrote the thing by pulling together parts from different chapters mixed with new stuff. So now I have a chapter 15 in its technically first draft.

This is a transitional chapter; the first chapter in the book's final arc. Making that shift from the previous arc's aftermath to the ground work for the new arc was tricky. This isn't the first draft where I can just throw things at the wall and make sense of it later. This is "later". Now that I know the characters and the general flow of events, I had to make something that would work. The next draft is for filling out and tweaking, not modifying.

I'll look the chapter over again and then the last two chapters and then I'll start Draft Number 3. After that it will go to the beta readers. Draft Number 4 comes after that and then it goes to my editor. Once she's done, then Draft Number 5 will be the one that is published.

By the way, I have a question for everyone who has read the preview for book 4 that I put at the end of Mana Mutation Menace. The tentative title is "Clerics at War" but I'm not satisfied with this title. Any suggestions?

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