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Sassy Saturday: Annala schools Lunas at the Mana Mutation Summit

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The context for this post: The Mana Mutation Summit is underway and Lunas has begun to sway delegates to his plan. What he doesn't mention is that his plan basically means allowing Order to take over their countries. So Annala intervenes.

Chanting a basic illusion spell, Annala created a landscape over the table and populated it with plants and animals. It was bright and colorful and all the creatures frolicked happily. Then she placed an Order Obelisk in its center.

“Order will occupy every area on which an obelisk is placed. If they covered the world, then Order would occupy the world. We all know Order is a Manifestation of Absolute Control; he wouldn’t be satisfied with only the mana of the area.”

The illusion obelisk put out feelers that grabbed the plants, the animals, and the landscape itself. Then it pulled mana out of them and the very color out of the image. It assimilated all of them into itself and directed them in clockwork patterns.

“No, he would want control of the air, the water, the ground, and the very souls of the inhabitants. Everyone would be under his control and nothing could happen without his knowledge and approval. He would outlaw all forms of magic, suppress spiritual power, and impose a strict caste system where everyone would fit into a neat box. Breaking out of this box would be literally impossible because Order would forbid it. Is this correct, Your Highness?”

Lunas said nothing.

 “If that question is too difficult, then would Your Highness like to explain the materials needed to construct an Order Obelisk?”

Lunas remained silent. He stared at the elf, attempting to invade her mind and compel her to fawn over him like other girls. His attempt failed. A barrier of will, love, and chaos kept him out. Kasile had regained so much confidence by now that he couldn’t use her to stop the elf either. In the end, he waved his hand as if magnanimously granting her permission to speak.

“Souls. To power an Order Obelisk, one must confine a soul within it. This is what animates the obelisk and enables Order to work his power through it. In other words, at least one person would have to be killed and confined inside it for each obelisk to operate. This fate would be eternal; there would be no ‘shifts.’ Cold stone isolation and constant penetration by Order forever. Is anything I’ve said regarding Order Obelisks incorrect, Your Highness?”

A third time, Lunas refused to speak.

Kasile banged her gavel. “Prince Lunas of Latrot, you have been asked a simple question that is of the greatest relevance to our mission and purpose. Please answer immediately.”

Kasile had regained her regal confidence. The Leash of Influence was broken. The answer was either “yes” or “no.” There was nothing he could do to avoid the truth any longer.

“No, Miss Enaz. It is all correct.”

Within his mind, hatred brewed. He had nothing against elves in general, but this one was getting under his skin. She was ruining his plan, and worse, she taunted him with those smug eyes and polite smile. She would be his next slave.

“A witch’s magic doesn’t sound so bad when contrasted with a warlock’s authority, now does it, honorable delegates?”

“Miss Enaz, am I correct in thinking that you consider me this warlock? Someone as bad as the perpetrator of the Butchin Tragedy?”

Annala shook her head. “Oh no, of course not. Perish the thought.” Despite her polite tone, everyone could see the daggers in her eyes. “You’re worse. The only word suitable for you and your father is ‘fiend.’ After all, you are denying the elves living in your country their chaos-given right to freedom, are you not?”

“Yes, we are.”

“You realize that your father’s regime commits acts, every day, that are banned everywhere else in the word, right?”

“Yes, I do.”

“You are aware that other countries consider yours a cancer, right?”

“Yes, I am.”

“You of Latrot are truly honest. No other totalitarian, exploitive, silver-tongued tyrant has ever admitted to such accusations so quickly and freely. You deserve a round of applause!”

She started off and, for a moment, the only sound in the room was that of her gloves beating against each other. Then others joined in. Lunas stood, took a bow, and then sat down again. He was imagining a collar around her neck and a gag in her insolent mouth.

“That is an additional benefit to the Order Obelisks. Because Order does not abide lies, any and all forms of deceptions would be impossible anywhere within an Order Obelisk’s area of effect, and every vow or promise would have to be adhered to in letter and spirit.” Annala spun to catch the eye of all the politicians at the table. “Please consider that in your answer.”

They most certainly did.

“Instead of giving up your way of life, as Prince Lunas suggests, my mother only asks for a token of friendship. All the Supreme Council needs is a show of good faith. Isn’t that right, Ambassador Enaz?”
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