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Sassy Saturday: Fire Demi-Goddess vs Order Entity

Welcome to another week of Sassy Saturday at Trickster Eric Novels.  Every week will be an excerpt from one of my novels showcasing a kick-butt heroine. If you want read about the original blog hop the link is here.

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The context for this post: Lunas Latrot has launched a surprise attack on Roalt castle and one of his allies, a god-like entity called an "enforcer", has directly attacked Queen Kasile. With her divine magic shut down she has to think quickly before it steals her soul.

Kasile knew she was dying. Stripped of all mana, her kon was next and then her soul would be swallowed by the enforcer. That would be the end of her, and with her, the end of the Ataidar royal line. She paled and shriveled by the second. After all this time, the Sacred Fire bloodline would end without a drop of it being spilled.

An electric current raced across her brain as her final thought clicked.

She ripped out a chastity dagger and sliced down her right arm. Blood poured from the wound and she prayed to Fiol; not as the royal and semi-divine queen but as the Highest Public Servant. Instead of self-congratulating praise, she spoke of earnest supplication.  

Then the back of her left palm shined. The divine crest that was the Empty Throne of Ataidar burned in her skin. The Royal Crest that was the Crowned Tiger followed it on her right. Her skin became incandescent and the blood leaking from her wound became white fire. Her irises became pools of it.

She gathered the bloody fire in her hand and launched it at the enforcer. It hissed in pain and ceased draining her. In response, she staggered back and forth while a peal of laughter ripped from her throat. The visiting rulers backed away.

No wonder I’ve had trouble controlling it! All this time, I’ve been laboring under the wrong impression! I should incinerate the Fire Sage for his help.”

A pillar of fire roared into life around her. She outstretched her hands and blasted white flames to every corner of the room. It rose up the walls and floor and echoed her glee.

The true source, Fire Sage! The true Authority! Of course, I'm not queen. The throne is empty and the tiger is crowned.”

She raised her right hand above her head and a combination of blood and white flame streamed in a double helix around her arm. The blood soaked her opera glove, but the fire didn’t touch it. She brought it down, clenched, and both of them gushed forth.

“My blood; my heritage; my responsibility. This is Kasile Landros Ataidar, daughter of the daughter of Fire!”

“Madness!” Lunas exclaimed. “We must leave before she demands sacrifices! The enforcer will hold her off!”

Most of the visitors had already fled during Kasile’s speech. The rest followed Lunas’ command. Kasile pointed her right pointer finger and a beam of white death lanced out at him. The enforcer intercepted and absorbed it. The prince, last of the delegates, ran away.

Siron! Stop him!"

Pale faced and shaky-legged, Siron obeyed the command. On his way out, he checked for his rapier and dagger. Then the door closed, the lock melted, and a dome of white fire encompassed the door.

It’s just you and me now, enforcer.”

The fragment of Order twisted the room’s reality. Ethereal lights appeared from nowhere to wrap around the unconscious guards. There were two for every delegate, totaling over two hundred professional warriors. They arose and arrayed themselves around Kasile. The Sacred Fire above them all diminished and wavered. Some of it drifted into orbit around the enforcer and alignment changed into dark Infernal Fire.

“This is not that which needs to escape, Mortal Flesh.”

It launched the corrupted fire at her in rapid volley spheres. She grabbed them as they came and purified them on the spot. Then she gathered it all into a ball and pressed it against her cut. It transformed back into blood and shot back into her system and then again into fire. There was no difference. As blood drained from her body, fire replaced it.

I understand now. You accused me of lying about my status as queen. You are right. The Fire Sage is right. I am not queen.”

The mind-controlled bodyguards slashed with short swords and tomahawks. Mana bolts fell like rain. Kasile smirked and generated a dome of Sacred Fire. Not one of their bolts touched her and their weapons melted into slag before reaching her.

Fiol is queen here. She has ruled for two thousand years. I’m closer to Vice-Roy or High Priestess. Torch Day is to remind me of this fact: I am the torch carrying the fire, not the fire itself.

She thrust her arms to either side and sent Sacred Fire rolling over the bodyguards like a wave. It melted their armor and incinerated their clothing, but did not harm them personally. She gazed appreciatively, then snapped her fingers. Obeying her unspoken summoning, salamander spirits appeared around her.

Take these people to another room. This does not concern them. 

They nodded and scattered. While they grabbed guards large and small, she continued, “My divine power is similar. It’s not mine. I’m borrowing it from the real goddess, yet I claimed that it was mine. Order is a sly bastard.”


Kasile placed her spotless left hand over her mouth in mock apology. “Ohh…Did I upset the emotionless drone?”

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