Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Read for fun:Tenryu the Dragon Cycle volume 2

As I said in my previous post, I enjoyed the first volume and looked forward to the next. However, this volume was a disappointment.

This time it has a repetitive plot; a revolving door of Big Bad minions trying to kidnap Ryurei in the same way and they are resolved in the same fashion. The "cliffhanger" ending to the volume lacks any and all force because of this. "This time there's nothing you can do about it" sounds like the author is self-conscious of this fact. I have no reason to believe this character.

There are three instances of Pervert Revenge Mode; it feels cliche, lame, and the third one is narm given its context. The first volume didn't have to rely on this crutch for Unresolved Sexual Tension.

The plot progression is minimal. Little motion is made towards the goal and there is little development in terms of the Big Bad's Evil Plan. The main plot for this volume is set up and then resolved too quickly to be entertaining either in a combat or world building sense. Likewise, little development is made character development-wise. Ryukei may or may have become a Shipper on Deck for his adoptive brother and Ryurei but other than that, not much.

The fight scenes are anti-climatic because Hiryu has no idea how to fight in dragon form (one assumes that this is obvious: use the teeth, claws and tail) and yet the two minions retreat despite this. They may or may not realize it but that it happens twice consecutively.

Overall, it is a let down after the promising first volume. I'm going to look into the third volume, but after this one, it is not high on my To Do list.

Trickster Eric Novels gives Tenryou Dragon Cycle volume 2 a "D"

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